Exhibition: It Is What It Was

by Will Clarkson in , , , ,

The past year has been spent with 33 other students on a masters course in photojournalism and documentary photography. All the work has been marked and we have our feedback, but the real culmination is in the final show, It Is What It Was.

From the work on show you might imagine there is more than one course in the gallery, but this is credit to the course and credit to the photographers involved, who really have produced an eclectic mix. We have the Occupy Movement by Gabriel Gauffre, a beautiful conceptual piece on the Euro and the subjectivity of memory by Lewis bush. Fabian Weiß' 'Wolfkinder' discusses the struggles faced by a small part of German youth, and Zephie Begolo has produced a very intimate personal project on gender. Most fun of all, Eleonore de Bonneval has built an actual greenhouse to show off her work on anosmia (the inability to smell). 

The show opens on Wednesday 12th December, and will be open until the 9th January. Contact me for an invitation, and come see it!