Recent and New Work

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Been a little quiet on here lately but I am back!

The edit of a story from Sri Lanka, a presentation at Visualising the Rural Conference in Carlisle and a few commissions have all kept me busy. Over the coming few weeks I will post them here. 

Also there is a new project, an extension and a move on from Game.

An interesting discussion came up recently about the issues gamekeepers have to deal with, and the main one is the legacy left by what gamekeepers were originally created for - to control and manage the land for the sole benefit of the landowner's interest in grouse and/or pheasant shooting. Basically, any predator was culled and persecuted as a force of habit. 

This has left a profound mark on (since somewhat recovered) predator populations. In fact gamekeeping practises, poor use of fertilisers and shooting (amongst other factors) have left Scotland with a thoroughly unusual mix and balance of species, something I hope to explore. I have one image so far, that of an antique (and unused) golden eagle trap: