LCC Assignment #1: People in the workplace.

by Will Clarkson

I am catching up with the blog postings, so I will keep this brief. With criteria of totally manual on the camera, black and white only, and only one length of lens allowed, I quickly felt out of my depth. From the start, focus was a problem:

Ben at the Purple Bone dog groomersThe next assignment was  metal worker in Kew, so a different exercise but one that was great fun with all the dark shadows and old school practices and so on. I tried to capture this alongside the more modern methods of working such as welding. 

Shelley, London Forge, Kew

...and finally the stone worker, by this point I was definitely becoming more comfortable, and besides that got a little lucky with the good light. I put a couple in as I spent a little time trying to mix up what was essentially a very simple job that he was doing: