LCC Assignment #4: Formal Portraits

by Will Clarkson

A simple brief - produce formal portraits, and the previous restrictions are now entirely removed. A few of us went out with a black sheet and a simple flash set up and grabbed whoever was passing. It turned out to be a really great venture as we managed to meet some really fun and interesting (looking) people. The one problem was that the project was pretty unjournalistic in terms of the fact that we gleaned extremely little amounts of actual back story or information on each subject. In future, I guess it ould be nessecary to be a little more thorough. In the meantime, though, I hope you like the shots. The first stop was Exhibition Road, between the V&A and The Natural History Museum. 


We then went to the St Pauls occupy protest, where people were queueing up to be photographed. 

Finally we went to the Victoria Coach Station the next day, and caught all passers by again.