Climbing in Kent

by Will Clarkson

Climbing is a sport I have very rarely taken part in, yet is hugely enjoyable and easy to access (if you have a friend with the expertise and equipment who is willing to take you!). We went to Harrison's rocks in Kent, where the sandstone cliffs are extremely accessible and it is very easy to set up (for your expert friend...).

The kit


Charlie, our resident expert, setting up

The faceHarrison's Rocks has over 200 graded climbs, covering all sorts of skill levelsCharliePolly on her (successful) climb

Polly reaching the topLou reaching the topEnd of day, Lucy packing up

The team:

Charlie, geography teacher by week and expert climber by weekendLucy, TV producer and all-round entertainerLou, another TV producer and matchmaker extraordinaire

Polly, training doctor and loveable brainbox 

Me, and proof that photographers do sometimes publish unflattering photos of themselves