LCC Projects: Zephie Begolo

by Will Clarkson

If you saw my previous post, you will have seen the first major project that I finished while studying for a masters in photojournalism and documentary photography. The rest of the group produced some phenomenal work, and I hope to put as much of it as possible up here. 

The first is 'Waiting for Dexter', by Zephie Begolo (blog here). This is a look at the birth of a child, but focuses very much on the parents and their complex friendship. It is intimate and honest, and I think it is excellent. The introduction is Zephie's:

Waiting for Dexter is an intimate look at the beginnings of a new life in difficult cirsumstances. It details the life of artist Penny Macleod as she approaches the end of her pregnancy and embarks on becoming a mother. Like many women, Penny has opted to be a single mother. Father Martin Dugdale has had difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that the choice about him becoming a father was taken out of his hands. Dealing with the complex feelings that have built up between the estranged pair over nine months, this project highlights the emotional and practical difficulties faced by young women and men who have not planned to be mothers and fathers. 

Waiting For Dexter from Zephie Begolo on Vimeo.