Richmond Park (the lazy man's wildlife photography)

by Will Clarkson


With the spate of good weather recently, I took to the early mornings again and headed to the nearest place I could find for some excellent wildlife. The red deer in Richmond were fully in the rut and I was immediately surrounded by a world of roaring stags and pestered hinds. What strikes me the most in these places is the wild stag against the backdrop of a city. Looks very odd. 



That was not all that was on display those two mornings, there were fallow deer


On top of that there were a variety of other species knocking about, and of course a couple of landscapes to take.

If I am totally honest, I feel that there is not a lot to say ont he subject of Richmond Park. I can't believe that we see any behaviour on display that is unaffected by human presence in the larger species. I do love seeing the parakeets in their abundance, although I am having massive trouble photographing them in flight. I managed to fill two entire memory cards with basically zero success. To the next sunny day and next time...