A Scottish Summer

by Will Clarkson

I've spent a grand total of four weeks in Scotland this summer, and as always the camera was by my side. Photographers are not always the most popular or social of holiday partners, the best time for photography being the crack of dawn and dinner/drinks time, but we tend to come back with some decent shots. Hopefully. Sometimes. I have took a load of photos so I thought I would share a few. The rest are here.

Anyway the plan was wildlife to start, but the more Scotland seen means the more incredible landscapes that appear. I am not a particularly strong landscape photographer but as you can see I gave it a bit of a shot.

I cannot ascertain what it is about the highland scenery that I find so attractive, but the early morning light makes for great photos and it’s been an excellent summer. I plan on heading back there in November on a bit of a project...namely involving black and red grouse, ptarmigan and deer, but most likely involving more landscapes and trying to avoid sleeping in the heather at sunrise.